Designing Bathroom Cabinet Tips

images-6Designing your own home furnishings can ensure that the living space you create, reflects your personality and takes care of your specific requirements. Instead of buying stuff ready-made, designing it in your own fashion, not only makes sense, it also saves you money.

Wooden bathroom cabinets are an essential part of any design plan. Not only are they very useful, they can also add to the overall bathroom ambiance, by giving it a classy look. The plans can be easily designed on your own, if you know what you want and have some basic woodworking knowledge. Cabinets being a part of a very personalized space, need to be tailor-made, taking specific needs into consideration.

Designing Cabinet Plans

Plans should be designed, by taking the aspects of space, necessity, and aesthetics into consideration. The last part, of course, is the total budget you have assigned to building it. Here are some basic tips.

Skilled woodworkers go about the initial designing phase very carefully. The tips, that are shared here, are influenced by their plan of action, when it comes to executing a woodworking plan. Here is how

How to Choose the Right Ottoman

images-5Remember This
A tufted ottoman will catch more dust and collect more dirt than a flat one. If you must buy a tufted one, get one with a fabric that is easy to clean (such as microfiber).
The ottoman has now become a bare essential in home decorating, and it is no longer relegated to the mere task of serving as a footrest. From being an end table to a central coffee table, the ottoman has come a long way. What seems like such a basic piece of furniture can be quite multi-functional. It can serve a lot of purposes, but depending on what you are looking for, you may choose an ottoman with varied features. So, what goes into buying this fairly regular piece of furniture? Here’s how to choose an ottoman.

How Will You Use it?
An ottoman can be a footrest, it can be an extra seat when you have guests over, it can be a coffee table because you are done having the traditional type at home, and it can also come with a lot of storage space, which you can use to stash away

How to Basement Interior Design

unduhan-27Every homeowner feels that life would have been so much easier, if he/she lived in a home that was more spacious. If you have a basement that you have always been using a dumping zone, then you can certainly transform this space into a beautiful living space. Depending on the available space, you can convert the basement into a media room, play room for children, guest room, etc. So, don’t let all that space in your basement go waste, instead of looking at a basement as a store room, use innovative ideas to turn your basement into a well-decorated living space.

How to Design a Basement
First of all, you need to decide how you wish to utilize the space. For instance, you could turn it into a gymnasium, an office, family room, or a media room. One of the common problems associated with basement is lack of ventilation. The high level of humidity can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. So, start by tackling these issues. Use of basement dehumidifiers and basement waterproofing can solve these problems to some extent. Another important aspect is plumbing and wiring.

Interior Design

Tips to Stain Pressure Treated Wood

Wood is no doubt one of the most versatile materials for construction purposes. Nevertheless, wood obtained from almost all varieties of trees are susceptible to termites, insects, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. When wood comes in contact with atmospheric moisture or the ground for a certain period, it gets easily attacked by microbes and pests, thus reducing its durability. This is where the question of pressure treatment comes to the picture. Pressure treated lumber refers to wood that has been exposed to chemical preservatives under increasing pressure, so as to make it insect resistant.


Irrespective of whether it is an old post or newly purchased pressure treated wood, proper staining is a good approach to restore its color, appearance, and strength. Painting treated lumber should be avoided as the paint holding capacity of such wood is very low. It is to be noted that the chemical preservatives used in the making of pressure treated wood may be harmful to humans and animals. Hence, it is advisable to use protective gear while staining the wood.

Step 1: Cleaning
Prior to application of the stain, clean the surface of the wood by using an appropriate cleaning solution. In case you are staining

How to care Ebonizing Wood

Ebony is a name used for wood that is rich black in color. It is used as an ornamental wood in making exquisite pieces of furniture and items of home décor. There are many species of trees that yield black wood, and these can be found in parts of South East Asia, Africa and Mauritius. Ebony is prized for its smooth finish, fine texture and rich color. Most ebony trees belong to the genus Diospyros. The history of ebony being used in carving furniture, can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. However, during the 19th century, the popularity of ebony was revived in China and it slowly spread to the West.

Today, people are once again taking a liking to this rich, lustrous wood. Black is a color preferred by most people, when it comes to choosing exquisite furniture and other wooden artifacts for their homes. However, due to the rising price of pure ebony, people are more in favor of coloring their wooden furniture in a shade of ebony, instead of opting for the real stuff. This is what exactly the process of ebonizing is all about. It lends that expensive touch to your wooden furniture at

How to Prevent and Repair Dry Rot

Dry rot occurs when certain types of fungi feed on damp wood thereby causing it to dry up or crumble. The spores of fungi send filaments down into the damp wood. These filaments digest the wood as the fungi spreads through a network of thread-like filaments called hyphae. As the filaments eat into the wood, they cause the wood to shrink, leaving behind a wrinkled mass. This mass is capable of producing several spores which in turn can cause structural damage to the wood. Thus it is essential to identify the signs of wood decay caused by this fungus at an early stage to prevent structural damage.

How to Repair the Affected Wood

If wooden doors, window frames or furniture in your home are showing signs of decay, you must immediately try out the tried-and-tested methods of dry rot repair. Epoxy fillers, borates or wood-patching products are readily available, and can be used to stabilize deteriorated wood.

Things You Need

  • Borate-based fungicide
  • Drill
  • Treated wood
  • Epoxy resin


  • If you see signs of decay, improve ventilation and take steps to ensure that moisture does not seep into the wood.
  • Once you have tackled the ventilation issue, apply the borate-based fungicide.
  • Since borate is

How To Make The Comfort Footstool

When you come home from a tiring day of work, nothing beats the feeling of sinking into the couch or a chair. A footstool provides you with the comfort and space to stretch your legs and relax. This small piece of furniture can be designed for multiple uses.

It can be used for sitting and can also help you to access the high cabinets and other spaces in the house. Children can stand on it for various purposes like, brushing their teeth or combing their hair, alleviating the trouble of peeping in the mirror with raised toes. It can be used in your backyard as a handy stool to stack things like newspapers and magazines, or even for placing a cup of coffee or pitcher of tea.

A footstool can be easily built in various designs using different types of wood. For those who love wood designing, building one by yourself will be easy and fun. Take a look at the following plan.

While making any kind of furniture, it is advisable that you have some knowledge about using the tools and a little insight of basic designing.

Material Required

  • Soft wood boards, one piece of dimension 1″× 8″×24″, another of

Tips to Build a Drop-Leaf Table

A drop-leaf table can be extended with low supports. In other words, it has sections that can fold down and become a compact piece of furniture giving more space in a room. This makes it look more functional and versatile in appearance. Particularly, in small rooms where space is always a constraint.

Building Instructions


  • Screws (varying sizes)
  • Board
  • Plywood
  • Electric Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Butcher paper
  • Electric circular saw
  • Staples
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain
  • Drop-leaf table hinges (2)


Cut the Plywood
The plywood which would be available in a 8ft x 4ft sheet of wood, cut it into a size of 4ft x 4ft sheet. That sheet will be the top of the table.

Cut the Board
Chop the 2” x 4” board into four (4) pieces. Two of those pieces are supposed to be 36” long and the other two should be 6” long. The 36” long wood pieces would be the legs of the table and the 6” wood pieces will be implemented in other steps. Cut the wood board using a circular saw. Meanwhile, you can apply tarnish material to the wood. Leave it to dry.

Sand the Wood
Use the sandpaper to sand the edges of the cut pieces of wood.

Join the Wood Pieces
Place the cut

Danish Oil Ideas

After the completion of any wood work, a coating of a good quality wood finishing oil is recommended. This is because, it makes for several benefits–it transforms a rough-looking piece into a glossy-looking and sleek piece. Other than improving the appearance, it also acts as a cover that protects the wood from dust, scratches, and moisture, as well as from those insects which feed on wood. In that direction, Danish oil, a hard drying oil is highly recommended. This will give your woodwork protection, make it water-resistant and also give a fine finishing touch to it.


Danish oil is mainly made in China, and sometimes even in certain parts of South America. This oil is either made from Tung oil or Polymerized Linseed oil and is also referred to as Chinese wood oil (since it is mainly made in China). While making this oil, it can also be mixed with synthetic resins as well as some vegetable oils in order to give it a hard texture. There are two ways in which you can apply this oil; you can either use it as a primer and then apply the varnish or paint, or you can use it as a

Remove White Stains from Wood Furniture Tips

Picture this, you are at a friend’s place, helping him or her set the table for dinner. You are handed a hot, steaming pot of soup or gravy and you set it down, unthinkingly on the elegant wooden dinner table, without a coaster or place-mat. Either your folly is noticed immediately or after the dinner is over and the dishes are being removed. The proof of your misdeed is a big, white spot marring the table’s surface. It can happen with that expensive coffee table, you got as a gift or an old favorite chest of drawers, that has seen one too many days. Never mind the hows and the whys, there is a white spot on your wooden furniture piece, how does one get rid of it?

Clean Used Baby Furniture Tips

Infants and toddlers are not aware of the germs and bacteria that are present on various surfaces. Their toys, furniture, bedding, and surrounding environment, all have harmful bacteria present. And as a parent, you want to make sure that your child isn’t exposed to such germ-breeding areas. It won’t be wrong of me to say that you, a responsible parent, are taking all possible precautions and measures necessary to keep your home clean and hygienic. This way, your family’s and child’s health are not at any risk. However, using certain commercial cleaning products can mean bringing toxins and hazardous substances into your home.

Babies have the tendency to put anything and everything in their mouths. Now imagine the so-called clean/ sanitized toys and furniture; do you think that just because they are wiped with paper towels or clean cloth, your baby is not at risk? Think again. The point I’m trying to make here is – use of natural, non-toxic, homemade cleaning solution will ensure your baby’s good health. And, if you’re wondering how a used baby furniture can be cleaned, then reading the rest of this article is the key. As you read on, you will find that

How to Choose Your Fitted Kitchen

Fitted kitchens, which came in vogue in the 1950s, have a design that is somewhat formal, allowing for maximum storage and counter space.
Families that enjoy a cookout tend to spend more time in the kitchen than others. Nevertheless, just about everyone desires to own a dream kitchen that is custom-made to suit their requirements. Investing in a fitted kitchen allows you to integrate your dreams with the space in hand. After all, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms that make a house complete, and properly planning out the delegated space should be done using utmost care.

A fitted kitchen is essentially one that incorporates storage spaces, appliances, and other furniture into the layout of the kitchen. Being custom-made, each piece of furniture blends and merges with not just one another but also with the walls of the room as well, emphasizing a blended look. Given below are the pointers you should bear in mind when opting for a fitted kitchen.

Size Up
Ensure you measure up the floor space you have in hand before you meet the sales rep for your fitted kitchen. Having a basic idea of the layout will help you with

Tips to Waterproofing Wood

Wood is a natural material which when used for making furniture, floor or deck adds warmth and beauty to the interiors and exteriors of the house. Being porous, it readily absorbs moisture thus, expanding in humid conditions while hot and dry summers ensures the wooden surface contracts to its original form. This continuous expansion and contraction of the wood causes it to buckle or develop cracks on its surface. Excessive moisture absorption may lead to rotting, and be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. To protect the wood from all these harmful effect of moisture, applying a protective layer of sealant is a must.

Waterproof sealants are widely used to protect fences and decks not only from moisture but also high temperature and excessive heat. Most of these products have either a silicone rubber base or an acrylic latex-base, making it adhere to the surface well. A single application is sure to provide protection for several years.

Wax Polish
Application of wax polish is another effective way of protecting wooden surfaces. Its components which are mostly beeswax, carnauba, etc. are highly water resistant. Besides, it also keeps away dust, dirt and grime and can be used on directly

How to Tropical Interior Design

Everyone loves going to the sea. The fresh breeze, the cool sand, those swaying palm trees are relaxing and rejuvenating in a way that no other location is. Tropical-themed interiors, if done appropriately, can create the same scenery, and arouse the same feelings in a person that only the seaside can. Here are a few tips for styling your interiors in this theme.

In a tropical house, woven furniture looks very good. Wicker or bamboo furniture is the ideal choice. If you like solid wood, you can go in for walnut or teak furniture. Go for a conservative, heavy-weight kind of look rather than modern-looking furniture. As for the floors, go for hardwood flooring and avoid having any kind of rugs or carpets on the floor.

Color Scheme
While choosing a color scheme for the fabrics and walls, stick to colors which are close to nature such as green, blue, and white. Beige and light brown, which remind people of sand, go really well with this theme, especially if used for the walls. If you like bright colors, then you can use hues of colors that remind you of green vegetation and exotic tropical flowers. Highlights of orange, yellow,

Tips to Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Happiness knows no bounds when your little bundle of joy is placed in your arms; it is at that instance that every parent vows to give their child the best of everything…here we will begin with the child’s bedroom which is the first step towards giving your child an identity.

Unspoken words,
reveal more than you can hear.
So read their minds,
to give them the best of everything!

It is possible to provide your child with facilities, style, comfort and safety. A few steps that will help you do up your home interiors without the help of interior designers have been enumerated below. Before beginning the work on your kid’s bedroom, it is important to decide what effect you would like in the room. The factors that will help you make the right decision are your child’s age, gender, location of the room and space available. Information whether the room will be shared by your child alone or siblings also matter!

  • A Dash of Color
    I am sure that all of us have always associated pink with girls and blue with boys, because of this, kids bedrooms have always been either of the colors. Well! Times have changed

Tips to Become an Interior Designer

For those who have a creative mind and an eye for detail, the world of interior designing will appear simply mesmerizing. The ability to transform an empty space into something that the mind can conjure up as creatively as possible, though not rare, is something that is mastered over time. So, even if you aren’t the kind who can sketch out a design just by visualizing what a room may look like, don’t lose heart. It is an art that you can master over time, with practice, and exposure to the field. Further, if you want to make a career out of transforming empty spaces into design masterpieces, this is what you need to do to get there.

Definition of an Interior Designer
The basic job is to combine both form (aesthetic or visual appeal) and function, to create a space likewise. This however, should be done keeping in mind the needs of the client, and in accordance with the client’s budget. Blending together all these aspects to come up with a unique interior space is the ultimate aspect of this job. The space may be residential or commercial (offices, hotels, spas, retail stores, banks, hospitals, etc.)

Job Description

tips for choosing the right air conditioning

Most people feel that it is not necessary to invest in a piece of furniture that is meant for such an ordinary and everyday activity such as ironing. However, this is not true as clothes if not ironed properly, can ruin your look. To ensure that your clothes are free from creases, you should iron them on a surface that is flat and smooth, with an adjustable height, allowing you to iron at whichever height you are comfortable with. Using an ironing board makes it easy for us to iron our garments and not only this, it helps us do it faster too!

Choosing the Right Ironing Board

Before you set out to get an ironing board for your home, there are a few things that you must know about. Here you’ll find what to look for while selecting an ironing board.

Size of the Board
The size of the ironing board matters and so does its shape. However, when it comes to the shape and size, you need to choose one that suits your needs, depending on what kind of clothes you need to iron. A small ironing board might be easy to store and also portable, but would be

Tips to Moroccan Interior Design

Morocco is located in the north-western part of Africa. The specialty of Moroccan design is that, it has European, African, as well as Persian influences. The hot climate of this nation demands for an interior, which is inviting and has a cozy look. Due to the dry environment, Moroccan houses include pots of exotic plants as one of the items of interior designing.

The main elements of this style are rugs, tiles, dishes, pottery, textiles, lanterns, metal works, etc. The fabrics used are designed with rich colors. There is an abundance of pillows and cushions in the bedrooms.

These fixtures are different from those found in other countries. Their specialty is that they are hand crafted by artisans. The henna lamps are called so because of the particular pattern imprinted on them. These lamps are made of goat skin, and are fixed on metal frames. A silk cord is used to hang them.

The carpets and rugs have a long tradition in Morocco, and their origins can be traced back to the 13th century. Commonly, there are two types of rugs: the smaller ones, used for prayers, and full-sized ones that are laid in living rooms. The design patterns

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary design ideas are meant for those who prefer homes that are clutter-free and functional. This became popular in Europe initially, before America in the late 1950s. Contemporary styles are based on the concept of keeping the interiors of a home or office, simple and uncomplicated. There is minimum usage of furniture and accessories, with greater emphasis laid on optimum space utilization.

Use minimum furniture in your home. The size of the beds or the couches can range from small to medium-sized. Beds can be low-lying and made from metal or lightweight wood. Platform and Italian leather beds look good in modern houses. In the bedroom, except for two side tables and a closet, there is no need for any other furniture piece. Even if chairs and tables are placed in the bedroom, care should be taken that only those that have a streamlined look should be purchased. For the living room, one can place sofas of different geometrical shapes, such as round or L-shaped. Sofas should be sleek and designed in such a way that they occupy minimal space.

Color Scheme
When it comes to contemporary designs, futuristic colors such as silver, bronze, copper, and blue, are the

The Modern House Interior try

When you are decorating the interiors of your house, you might have some definite ideas about which type of design you would like. There are many interior design styles of decorating the interiors of a home, and what you choose would depend a great deal on your design sensibility and personality. A vivacious and romantic person might like something very Victorian and flamboyant. While a modern and edgy approach in interior decorating is more suitable for a person who loves clean lines and minimalistic classy designs.

When we talk about modern contemporary interior design, we immediately think of restrained application of color, minimalistic furniture and monochromatic color schemes. Although no doubt, modern contemporary design is all the above, there is lot more to it than that. Here we will give you some ideas on modern contemporary interior design that will help you to create a living space which is classic and timeless.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

So what is modern contemporary interior design? Modern contemporary interior design can be defined as a completely new method of interior decoration that involves judicious use of colors, clean straight lines in furniture and of course, restrained use of decorative items. This type of interior